Introducing The World's First Personal Light Panel (Proudly Designed and Assembled in the USA)

with Color-Changing LED technology.

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About Us

OGKcomm, Inc

Lighting your way to a better future.

High Brightness LED is a disruptive technology which will totally change the world in lighting and energy consumption;  positively impacting the lifestyle of every person on earth.


About Us

Memorial Day 2018

Our story

AriseShine Lighting Corporation (ALC) is founded on May 13, 2016.

ALC is founded and entrusted by our investors with a keen vision to create a lighting device that can provide both illumination and comfort for the user. And to some of our fans, the light can even be inspirational.

Our plug-and-play lighting devices enable our users to use light in all its glorious colors.

Our Mission

Be the industry leader in commercializing personal LED Light Panels by:

Commitment to excellence in all aspects of customer services and internal operations



Seamless integration of high brightness LEDs and control technologies

advanced features

Providing advanced features and best value in product offering through innovation and cost effective production

Implementing highest quality and built-in reliability standards