Introducing The World's First Personal Light Panel (Proudly Designed and Assembled in the USA)

with Color-Changing LED technology.

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About Us

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About Us

We help make the world a better place to live.

AriseShine Lighting Corporation (ALC) was founded in May 2016.

ALC was founded and entrusted by our investors with a keen vision to create a lighting device that can provide both illumination and comfort for the user. And to some of our fans, the light can even be inspirational.

Our lighting device puts choices of different kinds of lights at our user's finger tips. The choice can be for a certain color, brightness or special effects for a special occasion. Unlike many existing LED lights, because of the innovative way that our light is constructed, it can be viewed directly and enjoyed like a piece of art, similar to looking through a tinted glass window with a flow of changing colors and brightness. In essence, it is a lighting architecture that provides visual enjoyment at the personal level. Sometimes, it may evoke some memorable moments of the user's life.

Powered by our patent pending LED driver technology, light sources of different colors "flow" into one another through a high tech light-guiding structure, creating a silky visual effect that, as experienced by many of our users, can affect their moods in a positive way. It can be soothing and relaxing, as some studies have shown it to be true in the case of blue light. And it also depends on the user's personal tastes and preferences at different times. Our staff has noted that the favorite choices can vary widely from person to person.

It is hard to find the right words to describe our lighting appliance's visual appeal to its users. Keep in mind that the experience is new to us at ALC too! There is certainly a lot of science and probably quite a bit of art that is involved in lighting and its surroundings. And at ALC, we want to invite you to join us in exploring and enjoying this new arrival to the world of lighting.

Oh. One last thing.

Did we mention that the device is only 12mm thick, has an illuminating surface of 2 feet by 2 feet and weigh less than 7 pounds ? Power consumption is proportional to light output, from a low power consumption mode of 3 watts to high power mode of over 40 watts which has light output equivalent to a 200 watt light fixture.

We help make the world a better place to live.

In your room.

Starting today.

Our Vision

High Brightness LED is a disruptive technology which will totally change the world in lighting and energy consumption,  enriching the lifestyle of every person on earth.

Our Mission

Be an industry leader in commercializing intelligent LED light panels by:

> Seamless integration of high brightness LED and ease of use

> Providing advanced features and best value in product offering through innovation and cost effective methodology

> Implementing highest quality and built-in reliability standards

> Commitment to excellence in all aspects of customer services and internal operations