Introducing The World's First Personal Light Panel (Proudly Designed and Assembled in the USA)

with Color-Changing LED technology.

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Beautiful lighting can

transform your living space and

lift your spirit.

Step into a room that has an AriseShine Home Light and you will begin to discover how colorful lighting can enrich your everyday life. Unlike old-fashion light bulbs that just turn on or off, the Home Light lets you choose the best lighting that suits what you are doing or the most appropriate lighting for that special occasion that is so important to you. Beautiful LED lights are put to your service to light up your room the way it should be. If you like beautiful things, you are going to love all the wonderful lighting choices the AriseShine Home Light has in store for you.

work of art

Ultra-Thin and Super Light Weight

Are you concerned about space constraint in your room ? Worries no more. Our light can be mounted flush. Its super low profile (12 mm thick) turns part of your wall into a virtual window where light soft as silk shimmers through, relaxing your mind and lifting your spirit. Check out our video below to see how your room can be transformed depending on your need. And on demand.

Home Light in a bedroom


You will be amazed at how many choices it can give you and how easy it is to use. You will also find yourself more productive when you can work under the perfect amount of light because you can easily adjust the brightness.

Revolutionary power saving modes can leave you speechless. Three extremely low power settings in which the light will cost* you less than 50 cents a month even if you leave it on 24/7 ! 

Dear Mr Edison, the time has come for free electric lighting for the world ! 

Almost free.  

(* based on San Francisco 2018 rate of 20.5 cents per kWh. Your location is likely lower. Published nationwide average rate is 13.5 cents )

northern lights

LED driver, Technology Marvel

No more bulky AC to DC adapters (power supply boxes). No confusing and clumsy wiring. 

Using our lights is always hassle free, absolutely no surprises. Powered by our patent pending LED driver technology,  our light panel comes with a streamlined power cord that plugs straight into any 120-volt AC outlet.

  You will start enjoying the wonderful world of AriseShine lighting, right out of the box !

slim power cord

personal choices

Intelligent, Reliable, Easy-to-Use

Our staff has noted that favorite colors and settings can vary widely from person to person and yet we have designed our user interface to be both powerful, reliable and easy to use. We literally put the world of digital lighting at your finger tips. No more struggling with non-responsive apps or unreliable remotes that stop working when you need it most. Our light is not designed as a toy. We make sure that our light is always there when you need it and how you want it. Your favorite lighting is never more than a few seconds away. 

Own it today with our 30-day money back guarantee ! 

Press-once  or  Press-and-Hold  buttons  to  Change Setting